Monday, September 20, 2010


It's been quite a while since I have placed a post in this place. For those of you who have been wondering why, I've been on a crash course in learning the internet for the past year. I've tried many things, discarded most, and hopefully, kept the best.

In the process I have also learned a lot more about WordPress blogs and having my own domain and doing a bit more internet marketing, and with all that combined I have moved up to a WordPress blog and business.

Now don't get me wrong -- Blogger is a great learning platform and it is easy, but I have found that WordPress can be a lot more flexible since I control the majority of its aspect. Now I'm talking about the self-hosting WordPress that I pay for the domain name and setup and not the Free service they offer.

For this reason, and many others, I have copied all of my posts from this site to my new blog at:

http:/ or just click Blind Biz World

My goal is to then delete this blog totally and hopefully those of you who would like to know what's going on with the Blind Biz Guy will join me there. I suspect I will keep it up until the end of the year and then all will be new with the new year.

Thanks for all your support and patience and hopefully I will see you on the other side.


Friday, January 8, 2010

No More New Year's Resolutions!

I have to admit that over the last couple of months I have done more "Surviving" than "Thriving" but, for most of us, that's how the holidays are. However, we are now in a new decade (as so many people tell me) and it's time to start things all over.

So, have you made your New Year's resolution yet? You know those grand plans of what you are determined to accomplish this year (some risk takers even say before January is done). The "lose weight", "more exercise", "spend more time with family" type of resolutions? Hey, I know where you're coming from. I've been there many, many, many years....up to this one.

Why? Because I FINALLY heard a wise person say something that I believe I have heard before but it just sunk in. "Don't make resolutions, set goals!"

This message was delivered to me by a gentlemen named Vic Johnson during a small webinar on goal-setting just prior to the New Year coming in. And, as I said, even though I had heard similar things before, I am thankful that it finally sunk in.

So, what's the difference between a resolution and a goal?

I have to admit that they're close and I am sure that you can look up the exact definition of a goal (I usually use Wikipedia these days), but it was pointed out to me that goals have a few key points that resolutions seldom have.

For example:

1 - A goal is Always written down. If it isn't written down it isn't a goal. It could be a wish, a hope, or even a dream, but it's Not A Goal! Do you wish to set a goal? Decide what you want and write it down. In fact, get some paper or a index card right this second, stop reading and write donw your number one goal. Go ahead, do it right now. Great!

2 - A goal is Always dated. Without putting a date on your Written goal you will never develop a Sense of Urgency whichis paramount in the success of the goal. So make sure you date your goal.

3 - A goal Always is accompanied by a list of steps to reach the goal. Up to this point you know what you want because you wrote it down (Right?), of course you did. You know when you want it because you dated it. Now you need to write down the steps needed to get yourself moving in that direction. As the old saying goes, "inch by inch everything's a inch, yard by yard it's hard". Write down the steps that lead to your goal and then start to take them one at a time.

4 - Final step and this is vital! Never and I mean NEVER use Results as a checkpoint as to whether you are getting closer to your goals. Instead, use actions. What do I mean by that? Refer back to the list of steps you have written down to get to your goal and at the end of the day ask yourself a simple question. "Did my Actions today move me up a step or down the step?" Remember, life is not static you either did something that day that moved you forward or backwards. The real challenge comes from the fact that since it's a good idea not to share your ultimate goals with many people the chances are the only person who will know if you are closer to your goal is yourself.

I remember a talk I heard many years ago from a business leader I respected. He was talking on accomplishing goals and he made a point with an interesting statement that has stuck with me long after I lost contact with him. He said, "If I were your boss you would accomplish your goals because I would Make You do what it took to do so. But since I'm Not your boss you'll just have to make yourself." I have found during my life hands down there has been no one I have had a harder time getting to do Anything then myself. I'm sure I'm not alone with this.

As of today, I'm right on schedule for my goals this year because I don't let a day go by without accomplishing at least one Action step that moves me closer to my goal. How about you?

So you see now why I'm never going to make any more New Year's resolutions? I prefer goal-setting and goal accomplishing because I can decide to control my actions on a daily basis, and let's be honest, resolutions Never work!

And that's just one of the ways I'll be Thriving and not just Surviving in 2010.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why I'm Not Going To Be Politically Correct ... Anymore.

I use to write short stories as a kid. I favored Young Adult stores with a science fiction twist. Two of my favorite writers were Alan Dean Foster and Orson Scott Card whose style of writing was always of a quality I tried hard to duplicate but never quite made it. Even so, the few people I let read my stories seem to like them. In fact, I remember one time when I gave a person I respected a couple of chapters of a story I had written to get his feedback and he liked it so much he asked for more. When I told him I hadn't written anymore because I was waiting for his thoughts, he got mad because he wanted to know what happened next! I've since mislaid those stories and forgot most of what they were about but I've never forgotten the feeling of someone "needing more" of something I wrote.

Now why did I tell you all that. It was not to boost but to make a point.

When I started writing this blog i realized for the first time that there was a possibility that a lot more people would read what I say here then in all the short stories I wrote in the past combined! it unnerved me.

I soon found myself writing things that expressed my political and spiritual point of view and, in the same post, I found myself apologizing in case I offended someone with different views. In other words, becoming "politically correct". In essence, saying, "this is who I am and I hope it doesn't offend you but if it does forgive me and Please like me anyway".

Yuck! What's that all about?

Look when the term "politically correct" came out, I believed it meant to respect people's beliefs. I'm All For That. But how can a person respect other people's beliefs if they don't stand on some beliefs of their own?

If there is one thing I have always been my entire life is opinionated. (Just ask my family.) Now I didn't say I was always right, just opinionated. However, at least I can say that I truly believe in my opinions although I also keep an open mind to other people's beliefs as well.

For a while there, I believed that "good content" meant to deny who I was in favor of pleasing the masses. You know, beoming the "vanilla" ice cream of the blogging world.

Now while vanilla's nice on occasions, I've always fancied myself a raspberry sherbet kind of guy, both in my preferences for deserts and in my writing style. after all it is the "spice" that makes "variety" all it can be.

So, I'll make you a deal. I will strive to always express what I believe to be the truth, both here (and on all my other blogs), and you use the comment box to tell me when I missed the mark. Deal?

Of course that doesn't mean I'll change it, but if you're convincing enough, I'll consider it. ;) Even with all I've said I'm still keeping my mind open because life tends to move real fast, and a closed mind is like a closed trap, you tend to miss catching the thing you need the most.

Will I step on some toes. I expect so, but hopefully not too hard. It not my goal to do so but it happens. After all, I'm still trying to get me right. And as the old saying goes, "Get the man write and you'll get the world right".

And as we all strive to do this we'll all be closer to Thriving And Not Just Surviving!

Monday, November 30, 2009


It has been some time since I've posted last, and the reason for this is that I've been doing some research to see if I could do my blogs better. In fact, I have been attempting to go back through all of my blogs and edit them (I started believing they were too long) and correct spelling and grammar mistakes. Of course, as I got busier and busier with other things the idea of redoing all of my work seemed daunting and so -- with confusing comes inactivity.

Because of this, I have just decided to leave things as they are and move on. After all, In a year or two it will be kind of interesting to come back and read what I wrote and see how much I have improved. ;)

So, my goal from this point is to edit while I work, and to try to write in a way that any "errors" would seem to disappear in light of (hopefully) good content.

As December storms down on us, I realize again that life is too short to keep redoing something until it's perfect, because as we all know, nothing's perfect. Especially me. :)

A wise person once said, "Take time to enjoy your youth because you're as young as you'll ever be!" That includes taking the time to enjoy family, friends, and wonderful Holiday Seasons.

And that's just one of the fun parts of Thriving and Not Just Surviving.

Friday, November 6, 2009


If this was one of those standard contracts that many of us have seen throughout our lives, this would be the part where the "fine print" lies. As I have alluded to in previous posts I consider myself basically pragmatic and I have found through trial and error that it is sometimes good to just put all the cards on the table so to speak.

First of all, since I'm not perfect this blog is not meant to be perfect. I hope this statement doesn't sound trite or arrogant because I'm just trying to be honest. There are those out there who just tell people what they want to hear because they value short-termed popularity over long term truth, and I know that there have been times in the past where I would have been found right along with them. However, after 50 years I have learned that honesty is always the best policy.

So Let's Be Honest -

I have Retinitis Pigmentosa (mostly referred to as RP) and have had it for 50+ years. It has progressed to the point where I became egally blind many years ago so I had to learn how to use a white cane. Fortunately, I can stiil see enough to get around without bumping into too many things in the day time, although more things then I used to.

As those who have it know, RP is hereditary and I inherited it from my mother who is in her 70s and totally blind. She too had to admit that she was fortunate because her vision loss was so gradual that she can't even remember when she stopped seeing at all. She told me that she now only sees in her dreams.

Now I don't relay any of this information to have anyone feel sorry for me. Frankly,I've had bad vision all my life, wore what was called back then "coke bottle" glasses and was teased and taunted in school. (What's that saying about what doesn't kill you....I guess I'm very strong these days.) The main reason I don't need anyone to feel sorry for me is because I know where I stand. I myself feel sorry for those people with perfect vision who constantly take their eyes for granted. There the same people if they got in a car accident tomorrow and lost their sight would commit suicide the very next day.

I admire people with RP who elect not only to survive but thrive! I consider my mom a hero because she not only gets up everyday but she goes out and does more in the average week then sighted people her age does in a month. I couldn't feel sorry for myself if I tried because I see better then she does! Enough said.

Another point I wish to make is blog content. I have been struggling with that to a degree for a while because i truly believe I have a few things to say that will help people if they put it to practice. I will also state emphatically, that 99% of the stuff anyone reads on this blog that can be applied to thriving was gleamed from men and women FAR brighter then me. I was just smart enough to "steal" from the best and apply it. Not too bad a practice when you're trying to improve yourself. I will assure you that unless I just don't know where the idea originated, I will always tell you where the thoughts came from AND where you can go to get more of the same.

I just want anyone who reads this blog to know that I don't claim any great wisdom about life. If I can take credit for anything is that I applied what seemed to work for me and discarded what didn't. One piece of advice I heard said can definitely be applied here. Take a grocery shopping attitude. No one goes grocery shopping and sweeps everything off every shelf into their cart. They choice what they want at that time and they leave what they don't like on the shelf. Good philosophy of life. It fits perfectly for this blog. I now you will find something you like here eventually. That's not arrogance on my part. Why I know is the best parts, as I said above, I "gleamed" from other sources. And if yu choose you may "gleam" it from me. However, it's best if you do that to try this three step process taht I picked up form a wise speaker: The first time you repeat something you find here just say, "I read something in a blog one day." The second time you use it say, A wise person once said. And the third time you use it say, As I always said. Because by that time, truly, it will become a part of you.

Another point. As I've said this is my first blog ever and so I am still a bit rusty as to what works and what doesn't. I try to be honest about what I put on my lists I post. Yes, I do like Autumn more than any time of the year. Most people like Spring, which is cool, however, one thing I like over Spring is in Autumn you get the same temperatures but not any bugs! And when you are dealing with RP, small, fast flying insects are just one extra thing I don't care to deal with.

At the risk of alienating hoards of followers (I think I have one at this posting) I believe in God. Now I am not planning on using this blog to preach to anyone but I thing being politically correct all the time can flow downhill at a rapid rate straight into hypocrisy. again, I'm just being straight. However, I also believe people can believe in God or not because I also believe unconditionally in the freedom of choice. I chose God about 42 years ago and I believe he choose me a little over 50 years ago, but either way believing works for me.

On what some may consider on an opposite note, although I don't, I also believe in the Law of Attraction. I was introduced to the Law of Attraction by my present mentor, Rudy, and I know that it is because of the Law of Attraction that my life has changed in such a positive direction over the last year and a half. There may be those who would say that is I believe in the Law of Attraction that i can't believe in God and I support their opinion fully. However, since I have come to understand that God didn't just stop when he created the Law of Gravity, a law that effects the physical workings of our planet, but I also believe he created the Law of Attraction that affects the non-physical part of our planet. Now for those who agree, we should get along quite well. For those who don't agree, I still believe this blog will have lots to offer you because this is where you will be able to use that "grocery shopping" technique I talked about earlier. Enough said on that but people who read this are always free to comment is they like.

Finally, let me quickly address my link policy. It's derived pretty simple and basedon the fact that I am 50 years old with RP and I receive a VERY SMALL disibility check each month. Because of this I am always looking to supplement my income as best as I can. Before I started this blog I've learned a few things about income generation and that's why you see Google ads on my site. Now, I don't have control of what there ads are and they constantly change and so if you decide to pursue any of them just do what you would when purchasing anything. Read carefully and shop wisely.

As far as my personally placed links are concerned, you will find they come in basically two types. Website recommendations, such as the one leading to "The Secret" website. I truly believe in this website and in "The Secret" because it first introduced me to the Law of Attraction. I believe by APPLYING the information a person would get from watching the DVD would improve their life immensely, but it a person isn't interested in The Secret they don't have to click on the link. As time goes by I plan on adding more links and other things to the site as well, but I will make you a promise. The thins I add will either be things I totally believe in or things that I feel can be helpful for those who need it.

There is one last type of link you will find on this blog. Those are the few links that have products and/or services to offer. I don't list many but those I list I believe in because I've reviewed them. I will strive to always review any and all links before placing them on this blog. However,t his doesn't eliminate a person's need to read "the fine print' as I stated before or as it is so commonly known as these days as "the Terms of Service". Even with all that said, I also try to only connect links that has some sort of money back policy, not because they're disreputable, but simply to give everyone the "choice" to change their mind. Having RP can be a bit trying on the old pocket book, and so if you feel a need to improve your condition when it comes to extra cash, click the appropriate link.

Well, that's the basics. Of course (in real fine print fashion) I reserve the right to ammend, edit, delete, or even change my mind about all (well most) of the stuff I have written here at a later date.

After all, I'm human, and I still make mistakes ;)


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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I first heard the following story sometime ago. I had always found it fascinating although the specific circumstances seemed too far away from me to matter. The story went something like this:

Many years ago workers at a train station were coming to the end of their day and were leaving to go home. One of the workers decided to do a last round of checking on some of the train cars that were set aside for repairs before going home.

He had looking through one particular refrigerated car when the door to the cas slammed shut. It startled him and, at first, he thought some of his fellow workers were playing a joke on him, but as he paused to listen he heard the faint sound of other cars being shut as well and he realized that the person who was closing the doors had no idea he was inside.

Because the refrigerated cars at that time had no indoor handles he began pounding on the door and screaming in hopes that someone might hear him, but no one did. As it became later, he became keenly aware that the unit he was in was on! He could feel the cold air blowing against him and because he knew of the freezing capacity of these cars, estimated the cold was below survival tolerence.

This spurred him on to resume his screeming and pounding but to no avail, and finally after some time he was forced to stop, his hands had become bloody andhis voice was reduced to a raspy whisper. During that time all he could think of is that if he didn't get out of that boxcar he would freeze to death.

He paced for a long while to keep warm but he finally grew cold and tired and had to sit down on the floor. He clasped himself tighter trying to keep warm but he already knew with the cold he felt it wouldn't be long now.

Spying a large piece of cardboard on the floor he decided to record his thoughts for those who would eventually find him. he penned how he had gotten trapped in the car, and how cold it had been. He wrote how cold it was and how he knew he would not be able to make it through the night. He wrote how he knew he would freeze the death. It was hard for him to write because he was shivering so bad, and finally he stopped his handwriting trailing off.

They would find him the next day - Dead. And later the autopsy report would verify that he indeed had frozen the death. An investigation was started to look into how this could have possible happen.


Just a few years ago, another man had moved into a home with some very nice couple who had a cat. Now the man always got along fine with cats and would even take care of the cat when the couple would go out of town.

ONe day he went looking for the cat and couldn't find her and finaly was able to track her down sleeping in the middle of his bed. That she was sleeping on his bed normally wouldn't have bothered him but he had noticed lately that the cat had been showing signs of being infested with fleas. He quickly scooted her off his bed and out of his room.

That night as he prepared to sleep he was really hoping to himself tht he had gottenher off his bed before it was too late. Unfortunately, he found himself awaken in the middle of the night with the pain and itch of being bitten by fleas. It got so bad that night that he made himself comfortable on the floor of his room, vowing to remedy the problem in the morning.

Well, the next morning he first went to his computer and looked up details about fleas, howhigh they could jump, and what could be done to kill them. Armed with this infomation he went to the store and purchased a couple of flea bombs and, sealing off his room, fumigated his room. Once the "smoke" cleared he was happy to go back to his room and have a good night sleep. This lasted about a week before the fleas were back.

He fumigated again, but this time they were back in less than 3 days. Again he sprayed ad they came back. He looked on the internet and found more and more potent stuff and laid down layer upon layer of poison, which always worked - for a while - but then they were back again.

It wasn't long before they had infiltrated his mattress so much that he had to get rid of his bed, after all, the internet had told him how quicly they multiplied, and how long they could stay dormant, and how many insecticides they were immuned to.

It got so bad that he was practically spraying every other day, and because he didn't want to risk the fleas multiplying under another bed he never purchased another one. He relegated himself to a set of blankets and a pillow that he placed on the floor to sleep. He promised himself that as soon as he got rid of them all he would purchase a new bed. This consoled him every night as he coughed himself to sleep from breathing the remnants of insecticide spray.

The couple he lived with had grown quite concenred about him and had even had a professional come in and spray but that didn't help for long before he was being bit again.

Hundreds of dollars worth of insecticide spray and two years later he was still sleeping on the floor and still coughing!

Finally, the couple decided to take matters in their own hand, convinced that the spray he was inhaling was doing him more damage then the bites he informed him he was experiencing that they compromised and instead of purchasing a large bed for the room to replace the one that was gone for two years, they put in a small sofa-bed that he could fold up when not in use, and still be able to spray for the fleas.

A coulple of days later, the landlord had a professional come in and spray once more andthen confronted the man telling him that there is no way that he could still have fleas in his room afte this time. He told him he had been in the room many times and he had not seen or felt anything.

Well, the man knew what he felt and to finally prove it to him, he pulled up the article about fleas that he had read two years earlier. As he was pulling the article up he explained to the landlord that fleas could jump 6 feet in the air. That's how he knew they were in his romm because even when he stood up (the man was nearly 6 feet tall) he still was being get bit!

The landlord was quite suprised at what he had said, he had no idea that fleas could jump 6 feet in the air. When the article came on the sdreen he quickly moved to the place where he had read the statistic, pointed to the screen and was about to exclaim he was right when he stopped and his own jar dropped.

You see, fleas are so small that they are very hard to see, but even that small they are amazing jumpers, but not as amazing as the man had belived for the last two years, you see, there was a six and a zero together but it wasn't six feet they could jump, it was 60 times their hight, wheich when measured was barely higher than a man's ankle!


So why did I relate these two stories. Well, as I finish both of them it will become clear.

On the first man, the autopsy showed that he had indeed froze to death. Even the very cells of his body testified to it. The only problem with the findings is this - the refrigerated car was broken! Yes, the man trapped in the car felt cold air blowing but it was from the fan pulling in air from the outside. That night tht he "froze" to death the temperature didn't even get into the 40s, but because the man believed that the air he felt was freezing his mind had no choice but to give him wht he asked for. The refrigerated car didn't kill him, it was his BELIEF that the refrigerated car was going to kill him that caused his death!

Now you may say that the story must be a myth or an urban legend and there's no way that it could possible happen like it was reported. After all, you say it was a long time ago and I am sure you have no real proof. Okay, granted! Let me tell you the end of the second story.

when the man realized that he had misread the information on the fleas jumping capability from 60 to 6'0 he realized that there was no way after he had gotten rid of the bed and hwas just walking around the room could a flea jump from the floor all the way up to his arms and next to bite him! But because he BELIEVED FOR TWO YEARS they could, his mind obliged him and gave him exactly what he asked for, two years of scratching, biting, and breathing insecticide!

But here's the real clincher. Within two days after the new belief started to sink in the "fleas" have vanished and having come back - and that was almost two years ago!

Oh, and before you ask for proof, it's not necessary. You see, I AM the second man!

I very wise man once said, "If you believe you can do a thing or you canot do a thing, either way, you're right!"

Because of a simple reading error, I took a perfectly good room and turned it into a two year torture chamber because I BELIEVED it was one. Now, if I could do something tht painful to themselves by accident, could you just imagine what ANY human mind could do when they Truly Belief in a dream or a goal for themselves!

For example, swine flu or no swine flu - I don't take flu shots because I BELIEVE I don't get sick. (It's amazing, but I can't remember the last time I was sick).

Here's even a better one: Although I have RP and my sight is diminished, I BELIEVE i can see clearer and clearer each day! This not only can happen , but i know it will happend. Try it. After all, good vision is nothing to scratch at!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I recall a very wise man saying that the difference between where you are now and where you will be in 5 years has a lot to do with the people you associate with and the books you read.

Now for many of us we were told growing up that hanging around with the wrong "crowd" could lead us down the wrong path. You know the old saying, "birds of a feather, flock together". Pretty understandable. There's even greater insights into exactly what constitutes "hanging out", which I may address later. However,my focus this time will be on books. An interesting premise especially when dealing with an eye challenge that can and sometimes has rendered a person unable to read a book. When and if that time comes I plan to continue "reading" even if it means books on CDs or MP3.

But what's the big deal about reading. Well, nothing is what is being read is not positive, uplifting, or noteworthy. How can you tell if a book qualifies in that area? I can't speak for every book, but it is certain that a book that is being read is qualifying if something it says makes a person, not just put the book down, but throw it across the room!

It has been said by many successful people who read books that a book meant to help you will cut you open and expose you to yourself. It won't pull any punches but simply tell you like it is, and then the reader has to decide whether to keep an open mind, take it on faith, and keep on reading. It's the reader that can do that who will get the most out of the book.

Now some who can see to read may still say that they are too busy to read and as long as I am working with positive material isn't listening to books on CD just as good. I would have to say that listening to positive books on CD is better than not listening to any at all, but if there is a choice between reading the book and listening to the book - Read The Book!

Why? The simple answer is quite common, if a person is listening to a book on CD and comes to a point where the speaker says something that touches the listenier's ear, their mental receptors shut down because their mind begins to go into "instant replay" and begins to go over and over that point it heard trying to "milk" it for all the nourishment there, before turning the listening back on. Now, that is good, but the bad part is that while this is going on the CD doesn't stop. So while the listener is contemplating what was just said, some other iimportant parts were overlooked.

On the other hand, while actually reading a book, when the reader comes to a "nutritious" piece of information, when the mind starts replaying it, the reading stops until the mind can catch up. This way, ALL of the vital information can be absorbed. This is why those who really wish to gather all the information from a CD has to listen to it over and over again to gather the same amount of knowledge that a patient reader can grasp in just one reading. And overall do it in less time.

In my lifetime, I've listened to lots of music, watched plenty of television, and have gone to my share of recreational facilities, but overall, I still find that books, good books, have always been my greatest source of treasure. And you don't have to own the book to enjoy reading it. Library card, anyone?